Why I Switched.

Hi guys! How are you? I have probably been the worlds “worst!” About making my mind up! “Blogger or WordPress?!” I mean its really not That hard of a decision, is it?! Sheesh! I have been in this debate with myself for quite sometime now! Andre I “think!” I have decided to go with WordPress. “Whew…”
Why now? To tell you the truth, I have no idea, at all! Other than the fact that its got to be easier than blogger? Plus, WordPress seems more like a definite connection, you know? Sometimes blogger can make you feel like you’re just kinda floating around out there.

And Its Not Even My Dog!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great Friday?! Its freezing here in “sunny” Florida! Omg! I am super glad I will be going back to work on Monday! I have been going stir crazy! I don’t mind cleaning, but dang. I’m ready for Monday! Although my 17yr. Old is not!
But onto “the dog!” The first couple of weeks we had him, he was the best dog! Don’t get me wrong, he still is, but man…so far he has; attempted to take my 19yr. O l d s jeans off the line, he has chewed a plastic beach pail, tore to shreds an old pillow out back, started chewing on the edge of a plastic yard sprinkler, And todayyyy, got ahold of one of those small red gas cans! Omg! Can this “puppy!” Chew up “Anything” else?!:-) And the funny thing is, the dog doesn’t do any of this when my 19yr. Old is home! And he’s the owner! Oh and he’s also tore up his empty food bag! “S m h!”


Hey guys! I hope everyone’s New Year is going great? You know? Life is funny. I went through life disliking the mil. Don’t get me wrong, were not “best friends” or anything, yet…?! But I’m working on it.
After I had nemonia, she got it twice as bad as I did. She got two different kinds of nemonia! And was also in the hospital for a week! “Andddd” guess who got stuck with “all” of her duties?! Yep, yours truely! And I “Hate” it! Omg…I was cooking cleaning and running around for “8″ people!
Do you know how much fun it is washing clothes and cooking and cleaning house is for “8″ people?! The first night, I had been cleaning house and cooking, and sat down to catch my breath, I almost broke down and cried! My back was hurting & I was so irritable and cranky. But then I had a “moment!” WoW… this is what the mil goes through on a daily basis?! It totally sucks filling someone else’s shoes!
And my “moment” was wow…she does this on a daily basis? You never ever realize what someone else goes through, until you have to walk in their shoes. It will either make you or break you. And it almost broke me, until I realized she does this on a daily basis! Time to man up!

New Year, New Goals!

Hey y’all! Even though it’s not quite time yet, Happy New Year! It seems 2013 has been a blur! A lot of bad has happened to me in 2013. We came back down to Florida, we had to move in with my mother n law, and my mom passed away. WoW…But yet, I’m still here! It seems like a lot of things has tried to knock me down this past year, and I can’t tell you how many times I just wanted to give up and to say to heck with it! But then, what kind of example would that be for our kids? It’s easy to just give up. But that’s not the type of person I am.

There’s something about a new year. A feeling that you can start over with a clean slate. Yes I will admit, 2013 was a very hard year, but I survived. It had more downs than ups, but we managed. But this year will be different. I know everybody says that every year, but this year, I will make it different!

Yes it’s true, we still live with the mother n law:-) Fun, fun….and I used to let it get to me, because everything bad or wrong you do, she lets the whole entire family know about it. No matter how menial it is. The family will know…This year, if it kills me(which it probably will:-)I’m going to try my best to not let it eat at me! Every single time she gets on that phone, I go into perinoid mode! I’m so afraid she’s going to talk about me, and everything I’ve done wrong my entire life! My husband has always said I worry way to much about everything! So this year….one of my goals is to turn off the worry switch! Yes it will be hard! Very hard, even if I have to write a 500 page essay in my journal!:-) I’m not going to worry about her talking about me this year.

Instead of worrying about it, I’m going to write about it! That way my head is cleared at the same time! I love writing anyway. At least my journal will be full!

And hopefully this year, I will stick to my weight loss program that I plan on starting. It’s called Fat to Skinny. It uses 20 carbs or less a day. I’ve done it before and I can do it again! And finally, hopefully by this summer, we will be out of this house and into our own! We have been waiting for tax time, so we can get a substantial down payment on something. So wish us luck!

So peeps, those are my goals for 2014! What’s yours?!

Its Christmas!

Good morning everybody! I hope everybody is enjoying the day after Christmas! I know I am! Its nice to be able to sleep half the morning away! And relax the rest of the day!
This Christmas was the first Christmas without my mom. It was kind of hard, because she always did Christmas brunch. It was like a void not being able to go over to her house to all the different smells of the food and the coffee always going.
But I focused on my family. It was worth it seeing the look on my 17yr. Olds eyes when he “finally” got the video game he’s been wanting!
My brother n law from another county came over and spent the day, and his son who is in the Navy was able to come home for the holidays. So we had a full house with family and lots of food! My husbands aunt and uncle, also from another part of Florida was able to come. We rarely get to see them because they’re getting older in years, and they don’t like to drive at night. So its always good to see them.
Well, I’m going to do dome more relaxing! Merry Christmas everybody!

New Addition To The Family!

Hi guys! I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday evening! I know I am! Knowing I don’t have to get up at 5am. Is always a plus!
This morning, my husband, my 19yr. Old, and myself went to another county close by, because we thought we were going for a fridge.
Here’s the story: my husbands nephews girlfriend(whew…!) Lived in another county where the husbands nephew stayed. And that’s where we were going to get the fridge, from his girlfriends old place, cause she moved. Well…when we rolled up in the driveway not expecting to see what we saw, by any means! It was a pittbull/bulldog mix chained to a tree. With barely any food or water. My 19yr. Old was as shocked as we were. He was like, you’ve got to be kidding me! The poor dog had stagnate water, and barely any food. And the poor dog had to be out there by itself for months. You could see his rib! We all walked into the trailor and were just totally “dumbfounded!” My first words were, how can anybody live like this with small children?! I wish I had taken pictures! I mean stuff was trashed everywhere, floors were flipping sticky as hell, pots and pans everywhere all over the kitchen counter! Oh and the best part! (With 2 small kids!)was the freaking butcher knife laying on the kitchen sink! We were just like WoW!
How can anybody live like this?!
We already have a toy chiuaua which is an inside dog of course, and we have always swore we would never get another dog. Well here we are with another huge dog! Its only about 6 months old, we figure, but for a Pitt, its got a very “baby like” attitude, and all it wants is attention, and to play!:-)
I am very glad we decided to go out there, because there’s no telling how that dog would’ve ended up! So, here’s welcoming “Mack” into the family!:-)

My Christmas Break!

Good morning guys! I was actually up at 730am this morning! Can you believe it?! I tried so hard to at least sleep till noon!:-) and no go, I guess! I am used to getting up at 5am though! So I guess a couple extra hours of sleep is good?
This morning I got up, and turned on the coffee pot, and enjoyed me(still am!)some coffee. Now, I am making sweat tea for me and my 17yr. old, because we are on our Christmas break! And the only ones home, for now! Which is kinda nice! :-) Because, once the coffee kicks in, I will be Spring Cleaning! Which I am glad to be able to! And I’m glad I no longer have nemonia. I still have a little cough, and get long winded, but I have inhalers to use now, and it’s not so bad. Although, I hate, hate, hate, being dependent on stuff like that, just to breathe! But if I gotta, I gotta!

So, right now, I am enjoying my coffee, and making sure my ipod is fully charged! Cause I plan on using it all day today! It’s pretty good though, it lasts 2 to 3 days on a full charge! Gotta have music while I clean!

Also, while I’m “Spring Cleaning” (taking my time of course!)I will be working on more blog posts! Just because I can, and I’m not stressed out for time, or work! It’s kinda cool not being on a crunched time schedule! Everybody needs a little break every now and again! Well, I better get started with my day! I hope everyone has a Fabulous Thursday!!